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[Scripte] AI_disabled revive script 1.52 von Norrin

[Scripte] AI_disabled revive script 1.52 von Norrin
17.10.2008 von CBB

Mit diese Skript von Norrin könnt ihr bestimmen unter welchen Voraussetzungen Einheiten wiederbelebt werden. Um es zu nutzen lest euch bitte vorher genau die ReadMe durch und schaut auch die Beispielmissionen an!

• max_no_respawns - can specify how many times a player can be revived before he dies outright

• can_revive - can specify what sort of units can revive other players, for instance all ground troops or medics only

• mission_end_function – end the mission when all player units are unconscious or dead.

• reward_function – the number of revives of other players required to earn the reviving player an extra life.

• team_kill_function – the number of team kills a player can commit before he is penalised one life.

• Respawn dialogs – from 0 - 4 respawn points can be placed on the map at which unconscious units can respawn giving the units the option of revive or respawn. These respawn points can be set-up so that they only become accessible if all enemy units surrounding the respawn points are killed or destroyed. They spawn point markers are also colour coded so that they appear red when they are not accessible and green when they are.
Respawn Dialog sub options
a. all_dead_dialog - allows the automatic appearance of the respawn dialog if all units are unconscious.
b. JIP_spawn_dialog - the mission maker can now set the amount of time before JIP players can access the respawn dialog when they first join the mission.
c. nearest_teammate_dialog - measures the distance between the unconscious unit and the nearest friendly unit if the set a distance is exceeded the respawn dialog automatically appears
d. Option of specifying up to 2 enemy sides. If units from these enemy sides are within 50 metres of the spawn point the option to spawn at that point is not available

• unconscious_markers – create markers on the map showing where the unconscious units are.

• unconscious camera – while the player is unconscious it switches to a camera that either (a) focuses on the unconscious player’s body or (b) you can switch between following friendly units.

• call_out function - causes the unconscious player to call out at random intervals (between 15 and 35 seconds) to help you find his body and revive him. There is also an option to view an on screen revive timer count-down

• the amount of post-revive damage a player has can be set

• revive timer option. - revive time limit - if the time runs out the player respawns at base, has choice of respawn points or is declared dead. A visible respawn timer count down can be enabled.

• heal_yourself_option Adds an action to the player to heal himself.

• kegetys_spectator_script option for dead players to use kegetys script

• Players are revived with the weapons they died with.

• Can be set up easily for use with any side eg BLUFOR (default), OPFOR and RACS

• Incorporates anti-water and anti-inclined terrain code

A function for punishing players for deliberately quitting and rejoining the server

Can be used with GQ animations or standard ArmA animation

• No addons needed but is compatible with other addons

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