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[Scripte] Sickboy's 6th SenseEU Pack 1 v0.3f

[Scripte] Sickboy's 6th SenseEU Pack 1 v0.3f
18.07.2007 von CBB

Sickboy hat eine Sammlung von vielen nützlichen Skripten zusammengestellt.

This pack is ArmA v1.08 Compatible and features 7 Modules by Misc
- Contains functions, scripts and settings used by other Addons! Tools
- Contains tools like GroupMarkerTracking, BodyRemover, etc. etc. UI
- Ui Enhancements, alike TrueIngameUI, but bigger gearmenu, compass and some placements. Blood
- Enables Unit Dammage (Bleeding etc) and Special Blood Squirt Effects CRDS
- Enables Unit Dammage (Bleeding etc) and Special Player Hit FX Tracers
- Enables Tracers for MG's & Vehicle Weapons EditorUpdate
- Enables otherwise hidden classes inside the editor so you can place them

You do not have to use every module. SIX_Misc.pbo is the only one that is required by the other Modules
ExtendedEventhandlers by Solus & Killswitch is now also a requirement (included in this file)

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Datum 18.07.2007
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