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[ARMA2] [CAMP] Operation Cobalt

[ARMA2] [CAMP] Operation Cobalt
03.06.2010 von Sudden Death


Operation Cobalt by Zipper5

Set during the events of Harvest Red, the player takes on the role of Peter Novak, a Private in the CDF. Akula Lopotev has seized command of the Chernarussian Communist Party in a violent coup and renamed it to the Movement of the Chernarus Red Star. He has declared war on the current Democratic government of Chernarus, and began a campaign of 'ethnic-cleansing' to rule out his competition. At first the CDF could contain it, but the ChDKZ slowly grew until they were overwhelmed. The President sent out a call for help, to which the United States sent the 27th MEU to Chernarus aboard the USS Khe Sanh.

- 8 missions long.
- Dramatic and interesting story-driven campaign.
- Small and scripted coupled with large and dynamic missions.
- Infantry-centric.
- Play as the Chernarussian Peter Novak, the Russian Vasilly Derevenko, and the American Mark Reynolds.
- Grunt, leading and special forces missions.
- Custom field dressing healing mechanic.
- Custom music and sounds.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Campaigns folder.

This campaign is a product of months of hard work and restarts/redesigns, and was a greater effort than anything else I've ever done for the community. I want to thank again all the people who helped me out with it. Without you, it would not have seen the light of day. So, with that, I hope you enjoy the campaign!

Change log:
- First finalized release
- Added the last 4 missions and the rest of the cutscenes
- Retaliation: Changed the music playing at the start of the mission
- Retaliation: Improved the attack on the castle
- Operation Cobalt: Fixed the issue with the contact not talking to you if you visit him a second time
- Operation Cobalt: Fixed the soldier in the outro continuously shooting you
- Various other small bits of fine-tuning to the first 5 missions and their cutscenes
- Fixed the many typos

- Completely redesigned
- Now includes first 5 missions and all cutscenes to that point

- Now in campaign format
- Devil's Castle: removed floating hanging victims
- Fixed typos
- Added one new mission: Turning Point

Credits & thanks:
- Celery, Cole, Rellikki, Binkowski, OFPEC & the BI Forums for their help & support.
- All of the many beta testers for their excellent feedback.
- Kronzky for his Urban Patrol Script.
- Bohemia Interactive Studios for the ever-amazing Arma 2.

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