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[ARMA2] [MP-COOP] Eve of Destruction v.5

[ARMA2] [MP-COOP] Eve of Destruction v.5
25.08.2009 von Sudden Death

Eve of Destruction by shark-attack

The purpose of today's mission is three fold.

To strike a major blow against the Soviets through the destruction of its ability to manufacture vital equipment and supplys

To cripple the Soviets ability to transport Equipment and supplys to the battlegrounds

And to strike fear into the Russian civilian population by bringing the violence of war to their home ground.

Extract the pbo file to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Change log:
*updated revive to v_03b
*disabled 2 revives for jip setting
*added weapon / ammo box to mobile respawn ( thanks Norrin)
*tweaked available supplys at RV points ..
*several other little fixes

v4.0a Beta
* added revive v02o
* Locked insertion aircraft
* Halo insertion available for the first 5 mins of mission only
* added ammo caches to RV points
* re worked ai reinforcements
* fine tuned enemy ai unit placement
* hopefully fixed power cut for jips
* reworked revive options
* no longer require med packs
* all units can revive
* 2 x self heals after that medic/ mash tent required
* fixed bugs introduced by patch 1.03
* fine tuned AI patrol routes
* fine tuned vehicle behaviour with units in cargo

v3.0 Beta
* Added Norrins revive (02j)
* Multiple respawn locations
* Chief medic can create mobile respawn point
* Fixed tasks after spawn
* added a few Random UPS patrols
* Reworked all non UPS enemy patrols (lowerd skill levels and reworked patrol routes)
* New player loadout
* Added limited weapons selection
* Enemy react to unsuppressed gunfire ( M9SD comes in usefull)
* Added High command to Officer in charge
* Added the triggers i had forgoton in first version (:-0)
* reworked Halo insertion
* Added GPS to all player units
* reworked all scripts to SQF format
* Added midday options to mission start options (for those who dont like night time settings)
* Added lots of eye candy (working searchlights .. new enemy defences .. flares on detection ... etc)

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