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[ARMA] [CAMP] The Magnificant Eight

[ARMA] [CAMP] The Magnificant Eight
25.08.2009 von Sudden Death

The Magnificent Eight by Gambla

September, 2006. North Sahrani is suffering for decades under a communist regime. People are starving, a healthcare doesn't exist. But daily corruption allows a few privileged to live in prosperity. The tension was growing, so South Sahrani got afraid of a coup d'etat of the northern SLA. The US government, supporting the southern kingdom, reluctantly agreed to do very few clandestine recon missions. One of theses missions ended in a total disaster, the contact to the four operators of team "Outlaw2" was lost. As it was assumed, that they are either dead or moved to an unknown location, no rescue mission was ordered. Not at least for obvious political reasons...

"Leave no man behind" has been your credo for years, since your first tour at the age of 20 as a Lurp (slang for LRRP (Longe Range Recon Patrol)) in the Nam. You served your country, did your job and fought for freedom, but eventually you fought only for your brothers in the teams. Today, as a retired Captain, you were on holidays in the beautiful south of Sahrani and planned to visit your relatives, the Gastovskis, in Obregan later. This is when you got word of the captured US soldiers. After struggling for days and sleepless nights, you decided to do what you can do best, you go back to war...

Using your old connections to the Marines, eventually some cammys, a M9SD and a CRRC fell off a truck. You too asked your friend to inform the US headquarter of your mission two days after you've left for the North. From the Gastovskis in Obregan you learned of an old POW-Camp on the Isla del vida, offshore the east coast of North-Sahrani. Things slowly came together...

- Team Health saved: At the end of the mission, your and your team's health status is saved and you start the next mission with that status. If a unit dies, it will not be replaced in the next mission.

- Weapon Pool saved: At the end of the mission, weapons and ammo you are carrying are saved and you start the next mission with that equipment. Additionally, later in the campaign, there will be a vehicle for storing weapons and ammo in.

Extract the pbo files to your ArmA\Campaigns folder.

Radio codes:
US Marines Headquarter: "Arizona"
Player=Allen Falkner: "Ghost1"
Team: "Outlaw2"

Known issues:
- This campaign uses saveStatus and weaponPool, so this requires to delete any old savegames of this campaign in your Arma-folder, usually located here: "My documents/ArmA/Saved/Campaigns/TheMagnificentEight".

- Reverting in the campaign is not possible without the risk that your saves and weapons get lost/corrupted.

- Cutscenes on every mission-start:
This little intro is needed to give Arma some milliseconds to delete any dead AI ("deletevehicle"), otherwise you first see their dead bodys, then disappearing the next moment. And this way, the dead AIs are not displayed in the roster on the screen bottom.

- Mission 1:
Due to darkness and the bad weather (ranges from heavy rain to no or slight rain) the visibilty can range from good to very bad.

Credits & Thanks:
This is based on PMC's "First Fight"-Campaign, so all credits go to them.
Thanks again to the beta-testers: Zipper5, Cheetah, schuler, mathias_eichinger, savedbygrace, bert

required Addons:
- RHS Hind
- RHS Hind fix
- ZU-23 AA Guns
- AA Truck fix

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