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[ARMA2] [MP-COOP] Island Twilight 3.0

[ARMA2] [MP-COOP] Island Twilight 3.0
08.08.2009 von Sudden Death

Island Twilight by Rocket

A notorious weapons dealer has arranged a meeting with a terrorist cell suspected to be operating in the USA. The meeting location is a remote and embattled island. A small team of seven USEC operatives are tasked with taking out the two targets, and destroying the weapons cargo they came to trade. Time is short, you have to complete all the objectives in under and hour. Be quick, be deadly.

- Compelling, fast paced, mission
- Voice guide provides information through mission
- Dynamic objective locations, each playthrough is different
- Smart AI helicopter and C130 interactions
- Fully utilizes Norris's Revive script

Extract the .pbo file(s)to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

If you find that players are not starting in the helicopter, it is because of syncronization issues when the mission is being setup. Try to ensure you don't click through until everyone has joined and loaded. If this happens, simply reload the mission and it will be fine.

Change log:
- FIXED: Scripting bug that caused major issues
- ADDED: New helicopter will spawn if pilot in old one dies

- FIXED: Potential problems with UH1Y extraction
- ADDED: Additional special weapons crate
- FIXED: Enemy Truck assistance not travelling to target location
- FIXED: Radio command about near target continuing to be called even after targets dead
- FIXED: Reduced number of civilians that spawn to increase FPS and reduce desync issues
- ADDED: Replaced Revive_sqf functions to version M provided by Norrin
- FIXED: Changed arrival time of enemy helicopter to earlier

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