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[ARMA] [MOD] Fight For Nogova (FFN) v 0.83 beta

[ARMA] [MOD] Fight For Nogova (FFN) v 0.83 beta
19.02.2009 von Sudden Death

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Inhalt: umfangreiche Änderungen am AI-Verhalten

This version is also a bug fixed and Reduced lag one of 0.82.So all features in 0.81 and 0.82 are still there, beside there still something new,the changes are below.

AI changes
1.machine gunner now suppress a area not a point in suppressing fire mode.
2.machine gunner scan hozie in covering fire mode.
3.AI now able to find cover in 'very open' area.
4.when taken sniper shot,AI squad switch defense mode to assault mode(if they were on defense mode).
5.AI engage range adjusted.

other changes
1.fix the init script run again when soldier get out from a new mount vehicle.
2.fix the init script of vehicle crew only work after they dismount a vehicle.
3.reduce some lag by suppress fire mode.
4.fix the grenade swich problem.
5.fix some config error like "missing ';' at the end of line".
6.fix error report in MP gameplay.
7.fix error report when you kill a soldier who is on foxhole progress
8.some another small adjustments

there are also 5 SP missions inside.

A1.intro.pbo FFN MOD test mission "Clear Sweep III",kill enemy officer then disappear
A2.intro.pbo FFN MOD test mission "Defend",hold your defense position and wait for reinforcement.
A3.intro.pbo FFN MOD test mission "Hunt",test your combat skill,1 VS 20.
A1.sara.pbo FFN MOD test mission "Time bomb",rescue our officer then bring him back.
A2.sara.pbo FFN MOD test mission "Under Fire",a demo of further Mercenary mode.

Note about Extended Eventhandlers included in this release :
XEH File, this one is 0.90, if you have higher version don't need to use this one. Default this one is already in the addons folder, if you want use this one just keep it inside.


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