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[Scripte] Vipers Artillerie

[Scripte] Vipers Artillerie
19.10.2008 von CBB

Mit dieser Artillerie könnt ihr als Beaobachter (FO, Forward Observer) mehrere Salven, unterschiedliche Munitionstypen wählen und mittels Mapclick relativ präzise das Zielgebiet markieren.
Die readme erklärt die einfache Vorgehensweise jeweils für die West und die Ost Seite.
Benötigt die "L16A2 Mortars" von Sander

- Fixed wrong Vip_l16G.pbo in the pack

- updated scripts for easy cleanup
- Added L16A2 Mortars for each side including Racs..........Mortars are found under Viper Mortars .. Mortars have a turn radius of +/-100 degrees remember that when placing units
- including demo mission to show how to add and remove script ie.. for HQ's and ect...
- updated Template to have all unit now on airfield at Sahrani
- To use Mortars you must download the "L16A2 mortar" that Sander ported over to Arma

- added blue marker to show where true shots were landing to make it easier to adjust fire in jungles, mountains ect..
- added 800m minimum range markers to units
- now you select rounds after rounds ready chat ie.. "HE rounds ready , over" because of a bug when I tried to run smoke then a quick
HE mission on the same target default rounds for everything except smoke and illumination is 3 per unit.

- first release

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