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[ARMA] [MP] Ultimate Conquest 1

[ARMA] [MP] Ultimate Conquest 1
24.02.2008 von Sudden Death

Author: Malcolm Campbell (Malus)

Content-Type: MP

Game: ArmA 1.08

Name: Ultimate Conquest I

Version: 1.0

Size of the download: ~60Kb

Intro: Y ~30 secs w/music.
Outro won: Y text only
Outro loose: Y text only
Cutscenes: N
Scripts: Y
Used foreign scripts: N
Briefing: Y
Overview: N - not required.
Language Text: English - Looking to internationalize future versions.

* Difficulty: Medium.

Story (short): SLA launches an attack on the South island. The RACS/US military allies seek to turn the tide and push the SLA back into their mountain retreat.

In campaigns - Number of missions: 1

Required ArmA-Version: 1.08

Island: Sahrani

Time of day: High Noon.

Weather: Starting clear with 30% chance of rain and 10% chance of fog.

Side: East/West - RACS is NPC and there are a few East and West NPCs.

Position: All

Language samples: N

Language samples: None

Soundtrack: N

at MP number of players: 100 (up to 50 per side)

Required addons: N

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