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[Skripte] Geloxo's HandyTools

[Skripte] Geloxo's HandyTools
01.11.2007 von CBB

Unterstützung für Filmsequenzen:

Aircam: allows to attach it to a vehicle and follows its movements. Can be controlled by defining buldozer controls in the game options menu with a joystick, keyboard or mouse.

Choppers: allows choppers to fly a reference path defined by other unit. No need to put them into a squad. Actions can be executed at a defined waypoint and close and custom formations are a fact and are defined by the [x,y,z] reference in the script.

Contmgfire, controlfire and mgfire: used by war cam to create weapons fire effects
Eventfired: missile or bullet cam triggered when a gun is fired
Fireweapon: forces unit to fire a particular weapon
Jets: modified version of choppers script to use on jets
Ricochets: simulates a unit to be under fire
Spawn: allows to create units that follow a reference path and to use some effects on them
Warcam: creates war effects on camera and are controlled by the cam movements.
Other secondary scripts: artillery, cargo, eject, enter and exit. General purpose scripts.

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