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[ARMA2] [MP-COOP] Hunt Waldo 1.4

[ARMA2] [MP-COOP] Hunt Waldo 1.4
22.07.2009 von Sudden Death

Mission von Bon

Hello ArmA2 Community,

my first real coop mission is done, or, lets say, is almost done, because I dont really have the possibilities to test it.
So I am free to ask you to try to play it from the beginning to the end and search for things that have to be fixed or require improvements.

Before I post whats the content of this mission I have to say that I used a lot of scripts that were originally written by Xeno.
Xeno, if that is not what you like to see please tell me, then I have to rewrite them for myself. But since it is awesome work you did I think it would not make any sense not to use them. ^^.
Anyways it is mentioned in the ingame notes.

Well, here is what I have written in the ingame briefing and the ingame notes:

The main goal of the mission is to find Waldo, the oppositions leader, and extract him to the LHD carrier.

1. Start as USMC from the LHD. Clear the LZ (what's the beach south of Strelka actually) on Utes so you can securely land on the island.
2. Clear Strelka, destroy its Radar tower.
3. Conquer the airfield.
4. Make your way to Kameny, and search for Waldo, the enemy's commander.
5. Once you've found Waldo, bring him to the LHD. ALIVE!

Mission accomplished if Waldo is on the carrier,
mission failed if Waldo is dead.


Everyone will respawn on the carrier. Since Strelka is cleared the pilot can load a supply box on the carrier, drop it wherever it is appropriate. Near the dropped box let the Engineer build your new respawn point.

The chopper can lift your technicals placed on the carrier. Flying skills are recommended for this mission.

Never leave the helicopter but on the carrier. It wont respawn until it is destroyed.

On the carrier you have access to special weapons (dependent on which class you are playing). Request your pilot to bring you to the carrier during the mission, so you can rearm there. When the airfield is clear you can build another spawn point, with your special weapons being available there.

After the LZ and Strelka are cleared, the commander can request artillery fire missions.

The Commander can use the Command module to command his troups.

Radio towers can only be destroyed by satchel charges.

Vehicles can be repaired at the Vehicle Service. Note that enemy vehicles can only be lifted when a friendly unit is assigned as its driver.

Chopper Spawntime: 30 seconds; HMMWV Spawntime: 5 minutes; LAV Spawntime: 7.5 minutes.

Troups are:
1 Commander,
2 Squads á 1xSL, 1xAR, 2xAT,
1 Squad of 2xMedic
1 Sniper
1 Engineer

Thats it, I really hope there will be some people who enjoys this mission, and that there wont be too much that has to be fixed afterwards.
If you like it, I will write an extended version for chernarus.

Version 1.2
fixed this situation:
- supportbox loaded with the UH1
- crashed UH1 before the box was dropped
- UH1 respawns
- box lost, no chance to get a new one.

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